About Us

H2-NRG Ltd. was incorporated in February 2010 to provide hydrogen based solutions in energy recycling, energy recovery and on-demand renewable energy. The state of the art technology used in H2-NRG Ltd. products and solutions has been developed over a number of years together with Charlie D Ltd. H2-NRG Ltd. is based in South Wales and is connected to Swansea University.


Our Mission

H2-NRG Ltd. aims to become the world's leading provider of hydrogen centered renewable energy solutions and energy recycling technologies, reducing the CO2 footprint and improving energy efficiency on both a large and small scale.

We strive towards creating a sustainable future for all.


Dr. Charles Dunnill MSci(Hons) FRSC,  CChem.  MIMMM, CSci. FHEA.


Charlie was born in the South of England and holds a PhD in nano-materials from The University of Glasgow and an MSci in Chemistry from The University of Nottingham. He is both a Chartered Scientist and Chemist and has been the driving force behind the technology and product development at H2-NRG. Following a Ramsay Fellowship at UCL, Charlie is now a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University working in the new Energy Safety Research Institute.

Mr Kris Paasila MSc


Kris has a MSc. in Management at London Business School and holds a BA in International Business. Kris has previously worked in a wide array of fields including Industrial Idea Production, Corporate Banking, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals. In addition, he spent time in South Africa creating a framework with a local NGO for supporting aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Kris spends his free time with friends in the Alps searching for the most challenging mountains to snowboard.